Dimension Skins

Dimension Skins

User-contributed graphics skins for the Dimension family of synthesizers.

General Skin Installation Instructions

  1. Download your chosen skin and note where you saved it.
  2. Close your host if you are running it.
  3. Navigate to the Dimension Pro resource directory. Depending on your operating system and installation this may be something like C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Dimension Pro\Resources
  4. Now make a new folder called "backup" and COPY all the existing resource files into it. Remember how long it took to install DimensionPro, you don't wan't to do it all again if you hate the colors. So back up them resource files!
  5. You can now extract all the files in the downloaded zipped skin file to the "Resources" folder and overwrite the existing files.
  6. Relaunch your host. Now when you view Dimension Pro it should look like the preview.
  7. If you need to restore the original skin, just copy all the files from the "backup" folder into the "resource" folder. You did back them up didn't you?

Note: You have to close then re-open the host for Dimension Pro to pick up any changes to the resource files.

User-Contributed Dimension Pro Skins

Select an image to view a full-size screen-shot, select the caption to download a .zip file containing the skin resources.


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